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Dimitri is a developer and marketing consultant from The Netherlands. He is currently working from Asia, where he works out of an office with a magnificent view of a beautiful swimming pool. If you’re interested in hiring him (me), click here.


When it comes to building and growing a business, there always seems to be another must-do strategy. After running several businesses online, I’ve learned a few things about growing, online marketing and the most efficient ways to find new customers online. I’ve learned what works, and, maybe more important, I also learned what does not work.

I studied computer science (programming) when people used 2400 bps modems to connect to the internet and a fancy computer was equipped with a 40 MB hard disk.

After my studies I worked for several years as a programmer and web designer.

I started my web design business with the following statement of intent: “I just want to build websites!  I don’t need all that sales and marketing stuff.” Looking back I am not sure how I expected to get any work at all. My strategy consisted of praying for referrals. That’s what people told me to do. Provide value, deliver quality, and the clients will come to you by themselves. And while I did get some projects, each one was hard-won, one-by-one, a grind. I had no system for attracting new clients.

Fast-forward. That was many years ago. Since then I have devoted myself to marketing. With marketing funnels, lead magnets, marketing automation, Facebook advertising and email outreach I am able to find clients for most businesses. I now offer those methods that were successful for my own business initiatives to other companies.

My job now is to help you find new clients and to grow your business.

I mainly focus on advertising on Facebook and email outreach. Both Facebook advertising and email outreach offer great opportunities to reach your ideal target audience. And when done well it gives a great ROI.

I can help you with the complete strategy including sales funnels, email lists, chatbots and more.

Would you like to talk about what I could do for your business?  Tell me something about your business and the products or services you want to promote and I will get back to you soon!

You can contact me on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

I am Dutch, but I spend most of my time in Asia. Scheduling a phone call with me is doable but requires some juggling with time zones. To make things easier you can also Schedule a Call.