Most Sales start with an Email

Email Outreach done for you!

What would it mean for your business if you would reach out to 1 new potential customer every day? Or to 100?

As a business owner, you’re no doubt aware that your client base is the lifeblood of your company.

A steady stream of new customers allows you to grow your business and fulfill your company vision.

We can help you to reach out to new clients!

Together we

  • Identify Your Ideal Client. It is important to know who we have to target.
  • Write an outreach email. Explain how you can make their lives a little easier, how you can help them, how you can solve their problems, how your service or product can help them.

What we will do:

  • We will find your ideal clients. We use our own software to find clients on Linkedin, Google Maps, Instagram and other websites. Our software allows us to find leads that are hidden from most other services.
  • We will contact the leads by email with the outreach email template we made together. We know about email deliverability and we know how to reach the inbox!
  • You will receive replies from the leads by email.

The costs of our service depends on how much outreach emails we have to send each day, and the platform where we have to find the leads.

In general, finding leads on Linkedin is the most time-consuming and therefore more expensive than, for example, finding leads via Google or Instagram. However, the revenue from leads via Linkedin is often higher.

B2B Leads
Linkedin Lead Generation

We generate for millions in sales for our customers every month.

"Choose one of the packages below. We are ready to start today!"

Guaranteed results, or your money back!

Our Packages

Please contact us for custom packages.


$ 299
  • 150 outreach emails a day
  • Of which a max of 30 from Linkedin
  • Weekly Statistics


$ 599
  • 350 outreach emails a day
  • Of which a max of 60 from Linkedin
  • Weekly Statistics


$ 999
  • 750 outreach emails a day
  • Of which a max of 100 from Linkedin
  • Weekly Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

For sure this works!

We sell the system that we use ourselves to find customers. A system that we are 100% sure will work. It even works so well for us that we sometimes have to stop sending outreach emails, because we can handle only a couple of new clients each week.

  • If you have a good offer
  • If you have a proven product or service with existing customers
  • If you can answer the question “Why should the client buy this product or service now/today?”
  • If it is possible to target your potential customers and find their email addresses

If you meet the things mentioned above and you reach out to hundreds of new potential customers each day than it is almost impossible not to sell. We guarantee results, or your money back!

This service is only suitable for connecting with potential business clients. As a rule we don’t use this system for connecting with consumers. If you are looking for consumer leads than it is better to use Facebook advertising.

If you choose a package, a subscription will be created. Payment is monthly, automatically and each month on the same day. You can always cancel, please do so at least 1 day before the next payment date. If you cancel too late, you will be stuck with us for another month.

The first payment is 2 days after creating the subscription. This allows us to assess whether we can help you as a customer. If that is not the case than we can cancel the subscription before the first payment is made. This saves us the costs of a refund. On the checkout form this is wrongly described as a “2 day trial”. It’s not a 2 day trial, it is a period of 2 days in which we can decide if we are a good match.

We accept both credit card payments via Stripe and Paypal payments. Due to the high costs of currency conversions with Paypal and the inadequate possibilities of the Paypal payment system we prefer payments by credit card / Stripe.

After you subscribe we will contact you by email. During office hours this will be within an hour.

Step by step:

  • Day 1: You will receive a questionnaire by email. The answers will allow us to target your clients.
  • Day 1: Assess if we can help you as a customer. Is the target group big enough? Will it be possible to scrape thousands of email addresses each month? Which sources (Linkedin, Google, Instagram or something else) are most suitable?
  • Day 1/2: Together we will create the email template we will use to reach out to your new customers.
  • Day 1/2: We will register 1 or more domain names to use for the outreach campaigns. To protect the email deliverability of your own main domain we will use newly registered domains to send our campaigns.
  • Day 1/2: Start warm up up email accounts on new domains.
  • Day 1/2: Start collecting email accounts for the outreach campaign.
  • Day 4: Setup campaigns in the software and setup weekly statistics.
  • Day 4: Depending on the sources we will have the first email addresses for the outreach campaign. We will slowly start sending the first outreach emails. We will start with a low number of daily emails and increase the number of emails we send each day till we reach the maximum daily number after about 10 days.

For agencies wanting to resell our service we offer a  Whitelabel service and (if you desire) even support using your company name/email.